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The trial lesson comprises:

  1. a pre-flight briefing

    Your instructor will brief you on safety issues, the basics of how the aircraft flies and all you need to know to enjoy your flight.

  1. a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft

    Looking over the aircraft before flight is standard practice for pilots. Join your instructor who will walk around the aircraft with you explaining the safety checks he is performing.

  1. settling in and familiarisation with the aircraft

    Now it’s time to climb aboard the aircraft! Your instructor will show you how to secure your seatbelt and adjust the headset you will wear for the flight. This helps reduce cockpit noise and allows you to listen to, and talk to, your instructor throughout the flight as well as possibly hearing other aircraft and the ground station at Bourn over the radio. (Your instructor will operate the radio throughout the flight).

  1. taxiing out to the runway

When you’re happily settled into the aircraft and ready to go the instructor will taxi the aircraft out towards the runway, stopping to perform power checks on the aircraft’s engine on the way out to the runway. Please don’t assume that all these checks indicate frequent failures or problems with light aircraft! It is extremely rare there are any issues. These checks are done by all pilots on all flights as standard procedure.

  1. a flight approximately 30 minutes (or for one hour depending on your voucher) during which you will handle the controls and fly the aircraft

When you’re ready the instructor will accelerate the aircraft down the runway and perform the take-off. You may be surprised to see how keen the aircraft is to get off the ground at relatively low speed and gently compared to an airliner.

Your instructor will climb to a safe height and position then help you learn the basics of flying the aircraft. You may well be surprised that it’s not as difficult as you might think! You can do as much or as little of the flying as you wish in this part of the flight.

When it’s time to return to the airfield and land, your instructor will take control and return you safely to earth, giving you time to enjoy the fantastic views of Cambridgeshire.

  1. a post-flight debriefing

After returning the aircraft to the clubhouse and shutting the engine down, your instructor will chat to you about your flight and answer any questions you may have.

Trial Lesson Gift Vouchers

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Vouchers can also be purchased in person or by calling: 01954 719602

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the voucher valid for ?

The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The voucher can then be used at any time within the period of validity, with the school being open 7 days a week. It is best to book the flight at the same time as buying the voucher and then you are more likely to be able to fly on your preferred day.

When can I fly ?

We operate daylight hours, 7 days a week, except bank holidays all year round. We operate a slot-booking system so it is best to phone the club to arrange your flight in advance.

Are there any restrictions which may stop me from taking a trial lesson ?

Since the instructor will be in charge of the flight there are no real restrictions on yourself as student/passenger.

For trial lessons, there is no age restriction.

Do I need to wear or bring anything special ?

No, just arrive with your voucher. It is recommended you wear casual, comfortable clothes.

What type of aircraft will I be flying in ?

The Rural Flying Corps operates a number of two seat Cessna 152 aircraft which are used for trial lessons, initial training (after you get hooked on learning!) and self hire for those who have passed their Private Pilots Licence.

At a slightly higher cost we also operate a larger, 4 seat Cessna 182 aircraft. Why not choose this and bring two friends along on your flight ? All aircraft have dual controls.

Click here to see the club aircraft.

What if I am nervous beforehand ? Isn’t flying dangerous ?

Our members (and many others through the UK and indeed the world) fly light aircraft almost everyday without incident. Whilst there is always a small risk involved in any type of flying, the combination of our strictly maintained aircraft (a requirement for a commercial operation such as ours) and professional, experienced instructors means this risk is very low and not put you off go for what is a wonderful experience.

How much flying of the aircraft will I do ?

Your instructor will taxi the aircraft, perform the take-off and climb-out. He will also return the aircraft overhead the field and perform the landing and taxi back to the clubhouse. In-between you can choose to take control (under the guidance of the instructor) of the aircraft for as little or as much of the flying time as you desire.

Rest assured that the instructor will have responsibility for the flight at all times and will ensure the aircraft is under control at all times when you are flying. As such you can relax and enjoy the learning experience as well as the fantastic view!

What if I get hooked and want to go again ?!

Many of our members took a trial lesson and enjoyed it so much they wished to fly again and again. Well, you’re in the right place! Continue lessons towards your private pilot’s licence a step at a time at your own pace. No need to commit to a full course up front. Pay-as-you-go an hour at a time!

Click here for more details on how you can attain your Private Pilot’s Licence at Bourn.

How do I get to the airfield ?

Details of how to get to the club will be included with your trial lesson voucher.

Alternatively, click here for a Google Map showing direction to the aero-club.

Vouchers can also be purchased in person or by calling: 01954 719602

What is involved in a trial lesson ?

Enjoy stunning views of the area as well as discovering hidden skills you didn’t know you had!

Surely the perfect gift !?

(A true story of a trial lesson written by Trevor, published in Pilot magazine)

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Our trial lesson vouchers are ideal for someone considering learning to fly, or as an exciting, unusual gift idea for a birthday or other occasion. During the flight, the participent will have the chance to take the controls of a light aircraft under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors.

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  • 30 minute - gives just enough time for a taster

  • 60 minute - provides the chance to learn about the aircraft in greater detail and time to fly further afield

  • Aircraft

  • Two seat

  • Four seat - provides the oppertunity to take up to two friends with you to share the experience

  • Remember; one of the seats is occupied by the instructor!